Marketing and risk… where is the new value?

As marketers we have many constraints.  However, in an ever changing world we have many new avenues to explore which can be thought of as either limiting factors or the source of new value dependent upon how we approach them.  Here are two 2013 reports which show business and  economic risks that provide the context for all our activities.  I’ll leave you to identify the sources of new value for your company or organisation.


World Economic Forum.

Here are the top 10 risks ranked in the  AON report:

Risk Description Risk Rank – 2013 Risk Rank – Projected 2016
Economic slowdown/slow recovery 1 1
Regulatory/legislative changes 2 2
Increasing competition 3 3
Damage to reputation/brand 4 8
Failure to attract or retain top talent 5 5
Failure to innovate/meet customer needs 6 4
Business interruption 7 11
Commodity price risk 8 7
Cash flow/liquidity risk 9 10
Political risk/uncertainties 10 6

Very worthwhile downloading the full report, or executive summary, (both free)  from the AON website address above.

Looks like innovation will remain a key critical success factor for some time.  And hopefully as marketers this is one of our key skills which we can contribute towards company dynamic capabilities in managing the uncertain future.  Got to be worth a Board position for that alone?